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Google Maps Data Scraper PRO Plus

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A professional data scraper for Google Maps is a tool designed to extract valuable information from maps and the websites of organizations listed on them with Google Maps Data Scraper PRO Plus

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Google Maps Data Scraper PRO Plus Full App for Windows

The professional data scraper for Google Maps is a powerful tool designed to extract comprehensive information from both the maps themselves and the websites of listed organizations. Here are some key features and functionalities of our application:

  1. Direct Scraping: The scraping process is performed directly from the Google Maps website, eliminating the need to connect to the Google API. This streamlines the data extraction process and ensures maximum efficiency.

  2. Unlimited Data Extraction: Our scraper allows for unlimited data extraction, enabling you to gather as much information as needed for your projects.

  3. Easy Setup: Simply download the application, input the desired geolocation and keyword for your search, and click "Start." The application will handle the rest automatically.

  4. Information Extraction: The application extracts various useful details from the maps, including phone numbers, addresses, business hours, organization descriptions, website URLs, and more.

  5. Social Media Data: Additionally, the scraper retrieves social media information from each organization's website, such as email addresses, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other social media profiles.

  6. Review and Photo Extraction: Our application also scrapes text reviews and photos of the organizations, saving the photos as .jpg files to your hard drive.

  7. Flexible Filtering: You can specify a city, region, or entire country as your geolocation. The application also offers filtering options based on organization ratings, presence or absence of reviews, and review length.

Overall, our data scraper for Google Maps offers a simple yet flexible solution for efficiently extracting organization data with just a few clicks. Whether it's lead generation or similar tasks, our application provides the tools you need to gather valuable insights from Google Maps effectively.

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